Extend your business into the cloud with additional cloud solutions that can make your business more accessible and flexible. Broadview offers a wide portfolio of cloud services to help you lower the costs of maintaining and scaling hardware and software resources.

OfficeSuite PrivateCloud™

Imagine reducing the burden on your business by using an SLA-driven infrastructure that is cloud-based, secure, purpose-built, scalable and completely within your management control. 

  • Control transport, security, compute and storage resources at guest and host levels
  • Support, augment or eliminate expensive IT hardware investments with cost-effective predictability
  • Easily scale up or down within minutes
  • Self-manage upgrades and changes, or share management through our Elite Server Care
  • Ensure business continuity with geographic diversity and redundancy 

OfficeSuite® Application Protection

Application Protection’s Failover Engine keeps critical applications continuously available. Between the operating system and hardware layers, disk writes are intercepted and mirrored to a remote clone so that any Windows-based application can failover within minutes - and without disrupting use. Specialized Heartbeat technology is used to monitor and self-heal performance, applications, data, servers, hardware and network resources to identify and fix problems before they cause downtime. This Heartbeat technology can self-heal systems without needing to failover.

  • Keeps users connected to their critical applications by managing application requests at the network level
  •  Supports existing investments in VMware vSphere infrastructure
  • Provides a single availability solution that includes physical and virtual servers outside of VMware infrastructure
  •  Reduces bandwidth requirements through continuous replication and integrated WAN acceleration

OfficeSuite® Hosted Email

Upgrade your entire office and lower your cost to maintain and operate your organization’s email platform with OfficeSuite® Hosted Email. Choose the gold standard Microsoft Exchange or feature-rich OpenXchange. Use either or both within a single email domain for a hybrid environment based on your budget and needs.

  • Replace on-premise servers, software maintenance, licensing and frequent upgrade costs with predictable, affordable subscriptions
  • Free standard migration services
  • Admin panel to quickly add/remove users, manage settings and reset passwords
  • Users can access email anytime, anywhere using any web browser or any Windows, Android and Apple iOS smartphone
  • Encryption and archiving options are available

OfficeSuite® Data Backup & Recovery

Back up mission critical data to the cloud so that you can recover from any disaster. With OfficeSuite® Cloud Backup and Recovery, important data from your desktops, laptops and servers are compressed, encrypted in transit and sent to a vault at one of our top-tier data centers. Backup agents look for changed parts of files at the disk level to economize processing, network usage and retention. You can recover files, folders or entire systems at any time. We can also overnight recovery appliances for large data restore needs.

  • Easy, automatic data protection
  • Secure and reliable
  • Centralized management
  • Regulatory compliant

Cloud-based Network Security

Protect your entire organization from network-based threats and internet browsing hazards with our cloud-based network security services. Broadview’s network-based firewall stops threats from entering your network by blocking traffic from unknown and unrequested sources. Further protect your business and employees by preventing visits to distracting and malicious websites with our Internet Policy Manager. Additionally, extend your network to remote and traveling employees with our Virtual Private Network service that creates a secure end encrypted connection between your employee and your network.

  • Prevents threats from breaching your network and equipment
  • Reduces IT expenses and eliminates capital expenditures
  • Increases your bandwidth capacity 
  • Conducts regular security policy reviews and delivers network recommendations
  • Offers 24/7/365 expert security monitoring for your network

Managed Cloud- Elite Server

Get expert, cost-effective IT management to ensure your systems operate as required and deliver the ROI you expect. Our managed IT services cover a full spectrum of technology solutions, including 24/7 remote monitoring and management of your servers, back-office services, desk support and business continuity solutions to ensure your company is prepared for any possible disruption. 

  •  A full service team of IT specialists to keep your systems safe and optimized
  •  Maintains 24/7 watch over your server environment 
  •  Identifies and analyzes server “events” for potential problems 
  •  Fixes processes or services that fail 
  •  Monitors servers and ensure security patches and anti-virus protocols are up-to-date
  •  Ensures that data backups are complete
  •  Installs patches and implements service packs

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