Integrate your existing applications with your business communications for optimal connectivity and efficiency 

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OfficeSuite UC® for Salesforce

Accelerate your ROI by enabling UC features within Salesforce. With OfficeSuite UC®, employees can reduce the time it takes to look-up and call contacts, know who is calling before answering and automate tedious tasks like call logs. Your employees become more productive and managers get a more complete view of employee activity. 


  • Incoming call screen pops appear so you can see who is calling 
  • Click to dial from any contact record right from Salesforce
  • Quickly log activity with a timestamp
  • Helpful dashboards to manage employee performance
  • Features to more efficiently connect with customers and prospects
  • Tools that make it easy to tag data and activity


  • Reduce dialing errors for Salesforce contacts
  • Improve customer satisfaction by knowing who is calling and why
  • Automatically log calls and other important tasks to improve management visibility
  • Give employees new mobile tools like softphones 
  • Accelerate your ROI of Salesforce


OfficeSuite UC® for Skype for Business

Simplify calling! Initiate business calls from your desk phone through your Skype for Business account.

Integrate your Skype for Business service and your business phone system to make calls from one application.

  • On-screen call notification pop-ups show who is calling for incoming and missed calls
  • Click-to-dial from any Skype for Business contact so you can reduce dialing errors
  • In‐session call history
  • Quick search bar capability to find contacts quickly and easily
  • Utilize the Predictive Text Search Bar for suggested contacts

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OfficeSuite UC® for Google

Accelerate productivity and ROI by integrating your Google apps with your business phone system.

Broadview’s MyOfficeSuite Portal desktop app directly integrates with Gmail and Google contacts so you can launch calls, view availability with real-time presence, chat live, manage voicemail, change settings and view call history, all while never leaving Gmail. 

  • Chat company-wide and see who’s available with real-time presence 
  • Click-to-dial directly from Google Chrome™
  • Incoming call screen pops appear so you can see who is calling before you answer, even when Google Chrome is closed
  • Launch video conferences and make calls directly from Google 
  • Manage and listen to voicemail from Gmail™  
  • Quick access to your OfficeSuite® phone settings from Gmail™
  • Access call logs and change settings instantly 
  • Sync Google contacts directly to your phone system

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OfficeSuite UC® for Microsoft Dynamics™ 365

Streamline everyday business functions and improve employee productivity with Broadview's feature-rich integration with Microsoft Dynamics™ 365. 

Accelerate your ROI by enabling UC features within Microsoft Dynamics™ 365. From any Chrome browser,  you gain instant access to the following features, instantly improving sales, productivity and the customer experience.  

  • See who is calling with incomining screen pops of leads, contacts and company search results for all incoming calls
  •  Log notes in the OfficeSuite UC® for Microsoft Synamics™ 365 call pop up feature while on calls, ensuring records are automatically updated
  • Track call duration from beginning to end with the built-in automatic call timer feature
  • Initiate calls faster and elminate misdials with convenient click to dial calling 
  • Complete integration with Broadview's MyofficeSuite portal allows you to chat company-wide, set your presence status, view the availability of coworkers, check voicemail and launch video meetings all from within Microsoft Dynamics

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OfficeSuite UC® for Microsoft 365®

Instantly improve employee productivity and efficiency through Broadview’s integration with Microsoft Office 365®. 

Broadview’s revolutionary MyOfficeSuite Portal integrates directly into the Microsoft Office 365® version of Outlook ®, enabling employees with real-time presence, live chat, the ability to make calls and manage voicemail.

  • Chat company-wide and view staff availability with real-time presence
  • Click-to-dial directly from Google Chrome™
  • Make calls and launch video meetings directly from Outlook ® 
  • Manage voicemail from Outlook ® 
  • Quick access to your OfficeSuite® settings from Outlook ® 
  • Screen pop-ups link directly to the contact record, even while Google Chrome™ is minimized or closed
  • Log calls and make changes instantly


Microsoft Outlook® Integration

Become even more productive with Microsoft Outlook® by making your contacts and calendar part of your unified communications. 

OfficeSuite® Dialer

Start a phone call with just one click. Click on any phone number in Outlook contacts to initiate business calls right from your desk phone or softphone and get inbound call screen pops on matching Outlook Contact records. 

OfficeSuite HD Meeting®

Enjoy seamless Outlook calendar integration when scheduling meetings through our advanced high‐definition audio, video and web conferencing platform. 

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OfficeSuite® Dental

Enable your dental practice to have all the answers, before you answer, by integrating your Dentrix patient data to your cloud phone system. OfficeSuite® Dental offers a complete integration between Dentrix G5 and G6 software, allowing dental practices to offer the most efficient patient service. 

  • Incoming call pop ups with complete patient details, including: patient and family treatment history, appointment history, balances and more

  • Improve patient service and satisfaction by having all your patients details at your fingertips

  • Reduce data entry and human error for patient scheduling and questions 
  • Improve the ability to collect balances and settle accounts 
  • Reduce the duration of routine calls 

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OfficeSuite UC® for CRMs

Experience full integration with virtually any web-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software right through your Google Chrome browser. Instantly click-to-dial and receive screen pops that link directly to the contact record of the caller, making it easier to contact your customers and search for customer details while on calls.

OfficeSuite UC® for CRMs integrates with the following web-based CRMs:

Additional integrations available now, with more frequently sure to check back for your favorite!